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BITĖS was established in the summer of 1998, the same year as a mini demo album SMĖLIO NAMAI was recorded. Bitės play a groovy brand of jazzy funk with hip hop influences. Their lyrics, some in Lithuanian and some in English, are infused with a good sense of humour, making this music even funkier. A couple of Bitės’ members also play in Saulės Kliošas, another famous jazzy band. The name of Bitės (translated as The Bees) suggests that their music is buzzing as a beehive on a sultry summer day, though certainly not as dangerous. The Band has played in almost all live music clubs & festivals in Lithuania, giving cheerfull and entertaining shows and concurring hearts of the most of the audience. The Band has also given gigs in Germany, Holand, Poland, Latvia and Russia. BITĖS released their debut album ZOOM in 2005. Right now BITĖS are working on their new album. The band has won the 1st price in the Nomination funk/acid jazz/reggae band or artist of the year at the Lithuanian alternative music awards A.L.T. 2005 and 2006. 




Once upon a time a group of young people met while learning the art of music. Not long after the encounter, these music addicts decided to create a band. The main reason for that being the need to express themselves by the means of music, adapting the knowledge learnt from the books, lecturers, libraries and life. So everyone chose his own instrument to spread the word they believe in: vocals Daiva Starinskaitė (DivahDee), sax Alvydas Mačiulskas, trumpet Aurimas Rimeikis, brother duo – drums Marijus Aleksa and bass Domantas Aleksa, multi-instrumentalist Aleksandras Raičenok and DJ Justas Fresh. All these musicians joined forces to create positive energy and deliver unforgettable experience through music.


Leon Somov & Jazzu


Precision and romance - the first words associated with the project Leon Somov and Jazzu. Jazzu spreads jouthfull expression and emotional maximalism, which is being supported by concrete and precise pattern of leon Somov. 
in 2008 Leon Somov and Jazzu debute album "Offline" was released, and later - its modified version "Offline Remixed" in which interpretation such music masters as Few Nolder, IJO, Monoceros, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Joel Tammik participated. After the release of a glamorous video by "GeriFilmai" for the song "Mano" (Remake), Leon Somov and Jazzu were noticed by the MTV experts as well as the Mercedes-Benz. The latter chose the mentioned song as an ideal for representation of Modern-Lounge.
Breathtaking sounds of jazz, pop and ambient. Colourfull melodies. Scenografy and precise video projections. It's only the beggining of a concert that you will never forget.